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RO Technology

The RO Plant, supplied by Doosan Heavy Industry is to provide 150,000 cubic meters per day of desalinated water utilizing double pass Reverse Osmosis (RO) process. The permeate from this facility is pumped to be delivered to two existing tanks at SWCC via the remineralization plant.
The RO plant consists of the following major components:
    Seawater Supply System
    High-Pressure Pump
    Energy Recovery Systems
    Membrane Assembly, First Pass
    Membrane Assembly, Second Pass
    Post Treatment
Salient Design Parameters
    Plant Capacity: 150,000 m3/day
    Total RO Permeate: 151,200 m3/day
    First Pass RO Permeate: 168,000 m3/day
    Feed Water Design Temperature: 25 - 35 degC
    Feed Water Design TDS: 37,000 - 44,460 mg/L
    Feed Water Silt Density Index (SDI): <4 (95%), <5 (100%)
The final permeate water quality produced by the RO system having TDS less than 45 mg/L, Chloride level less than 26 mg/L and Boron level less than 0.5 mg/L.


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