Facts about the project

On the basis of Economic Council Resolution No. 5/23 dated 23/3/1423 AH, approving the bases and criteria for the participation of the private sector in water and electricity production projects, Al-Shaabia 3 for dual production project was launched in a tender. Ownership of 60% of the shares of the Popular Water and Electricity Company, which was established by virtue of the Royal Decree No. M / 34 dated 11/7/1426 AH, approving the Council of Ministers Resolution No. 180 dated 10/7/1426 AH approving the establishment license Popular Water & Electricity Co. Accordingly, the basic agreement for the purchase of water and electricity for twenty years was signed between the water and electricity company owned equally between the Public Authority for Desalination of Water and Electricity Company on the one hand, and the People’s Water and Electricity Company on the other hand on 15/11/2005.

The popular project (3) is the first project implemented by the private sector to produce water and electricity in the Kingdom to produce 880,000 cubic meters of desalinated water per day and 900 megawatts of electricity at a total cost of 9,242 million riyals.

The project is characterized by the application of environmental protection requirements, and therefore complies with local and international environmental standards and conditions. The project is an important model for the Saudi private sector. The project is funded by local and international financial institutions.